Sterling P. Sanders
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P&G, Cheer



Creative Direction, Pitch, Launch


Cheer, P&G

Proctor & Gamble's Cheer, laundry detergent, brand was looking to revitalize, reinvent and relaunch itself for a new market aimed at younger and more cost conscious consumers.  But not only is the product cheaper, Cheer actually has the best color science for treating clothes within the CPG market. The science was so good that Tide, also a leading P&G detergent brand, used many of Cheer's formulas to make it's on product better.

In light of this, P&G wanted to differentiate Cheer for a different marketplace. In partnership with Landor, we developed not just a re-brand for the company 

but a complete design system under which the fresh new Cheer brand would live and thrive.It is meant to be an energetic and surprising brand, that engages versatile and changing colors and patterns, and is impossible to ignore when viewed on the self.

Cheer wanted to show itself as the brand that loves colors. These are a few of the executions developed, everything from in-store concepts, to custom typefaces, collateral and brand experiences.