Sterling P. Sanders


oscar's selfie


Creative Director, Consultant, Idea, Strategy, Pitch, Oscars War Room

Selfies are common place in today's culture. But over time attitudes around the selfie evolved, as “regular” people pushed back against unrealistic images of perfection. Un-manipulated and truthful imagery resonates more strongly than the improbable. Humor and spontaneity are key. People want reality.

I helped Samsung, in the first ever Oscars product integration, put a Galaxy S3 in the hands of host Ellen Degeneres, making the Oscars experience better for millennial viewers & solidifying brand exclusivity.

The idea was to capture the real moments of an otherwise heavily scripted show – those fun, spontaneous, informal moments where celebrities reveal their true selves.  These spontaneous moments fit with the tongue and cheek Samsung brand voice, and thier position in the market as an accessible brand – a brand that empowers by putting "The Next Big Thing" in people’s hands.

 The Oscars were watched by over 42.9 million people in the US and was the highest rated broadcast of the show in over 10 years.



Ellen’s famous Oscar Selfie was re-tweeted 2.5MM times by the end of the show, (3,326,083 to date), receiving 2.09B impressions. It took 34 minutes to beat the previously highest re-tweet by a 4 times margin (Obama’s “4 More Years” tweet garnered 718k re-tweets). In fact, the volume of re-tweets was so high that Twitter broke down, unable to handle the huge response.

Given all the news coverage and social media conversations the media ROI is at least 10:1, based a $20MM Oscars investment.