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Quicksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes



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Quicksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes

Quicksilver, Parent Company to Quicksilver, Roxy, and DC Shoes Brands, was looking for creative new media and advertising ideas.

Quicksilver Infocus: The idea was to create an app that would take advantage of Quicksilver’s audience, people who embody the spirit of the mountain and the ocean and generally more interested in more extreme physical activities.  We would give these people a community and connection platform that would link and sync with facebook and instagram, we would give them tools to edit pictures and videos — in partnership with GoPro — that would live on as well as on Youtube and Facebook groups that would invite taste makers to share their lifestyles.

#RoxyLife: Roxy was looking for a new way to connect and create with their consumers world wide.  We came up with a global idea that involved marking “#RoxyLife” spots around the globe that are cool, off the beaten path, ideas, places and bits of fun that people can engage in, whether on vacation or in their own towns.  Like Yelp for the cool kids.

DC Street Canvas: This was an out-of-home execution that involved creating skate parks in hidden places, buying out billboards for graffiti artists to display their work, a tumblr page to reinforce digitally the DC lifestyle and a DC shoes app that would allow people in a crew to alert everyone else if there were cops coming when they were skating, or doing graffiti outside normal boundaries.