Sterling P. Sanders

Proctor&Gamble, Always, Like a Girl

Role: Ideation, Strategy

Always aims to empower girls and teens. But we discovered phrases such as ‘Like a girl’ were detrimental to their self-esteem and confidence. We needed to help them rewrite the rules.

So we partnered with Always to implement develop and launch a new #LikeAGirl campagin at the SuperBowl -- one of the most male oriented sports -- in order to make a point that females should feel empowered to conquer anything.

Working with the UK / US team #LikeAGirl became a global movement generating 75 million views across 150 countries and received 4.5 billion earned brand impressions getting coverage across mass media channels such as Good Morning America, TIME, Huff Post, BBC The One Show, Good Morning Britain, Marie Claire etc. Smashing any previous P&G brand performance record.

35 million people have commented on the issue, 13% of whom have created their own content turning perceptions about the phrase on its head.  The movement has infiltrated everyday life.  Schools have adopted #LikeAGirl as a sports day theme and well known people have championed the cause such as Maria Shriver, Chelsea Clinton, Sarah Silverman, Cindy Crawford and many more.