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Creative Directior, Launch, Design, Ideas

Because travel has lost the human connection that once made taking a trip truly magical Airbnb planned on reinventing travel and hospitality with their new Trips platform. The challenge was to bring to life the many ways a personal connection - with hosts and other travelers - can enable a magical trip.

This reinvention happened in three ways: Airbnb is now offering end-to-end Trips, there are more ways to be a host (and be hosted), and discovery was enabled through guidebooks and continuous planning in-trip.



What was most important was how we talk about Airbnb and the messaging Hierachy. Everything we make must have these three elements. Introduce Trips: Focus on the new components and deliver on the complete promise of Trips (unbundled from Homes). Hero Experiences as a Hook: Celebrate the most unique experiences; support with a scaled rotation of attainable Trips and Experiences.


Welcome to the world of trips. We want every trip you take to feel magical. So you no longer have to follow the maps, wait in the lines, and take photos of all the same sights. Now, you can access unique experiences, incredible homes, and local favorites — all from one app.


Live in the present

Give the 5,950 unique experiences available on Airbnb to individual travelers

Society has evolved to value experiences over things. Yet, we’re still looking for the perfect thing to wrap up in a box. Somewhere out there, there’s a perfect trip for everyone. It used to be locked away in our imagination, but now, data signals and magical technologies make it possible for us to divine the components of your perfect trip. And now that Airbnb can deliver the entire trip from end to end, we can gift it to you.

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social/mobile, host discovery

A digital engine that helps travelers discover their ideal Airbnb Trip


Airbnb LIVE

A portal to what’s happening on hosted experiences anytime, anywhere


Celebrity Solos

Celebrities take Trips to see a new side of familiar places and activities


mobile, Trip'n

Make it possible for travelers to step into the world of an Airbnb experience host.

There’s no use going back to yesterday, I was a different person then. The possibilities to build unique experiences with Trips are boundless; those possibilities are sure to pique travelers’ curiosity. Airbnb will reward all levels of that curiosity, by creating and seeding immersive peeks into what a magical end-to-end Airbnb trip looks and feels like.

OOH/content, Rabbit Holes

Installations that allow people to physically step into an experience host’s world


display, Zoom In

Demonstrate the unique perspective of Airbnb hosted experiences

video/mobile, A trip for you

Dynamically crafted personal invitations to the perfect Trip for you, from your Hosts

• Attended Events at Clubs and Bars: He enjoys a good night out (and might need to recover afterward).
• Likes Whitney Houston (twice): He’s for sure up for some music, but mostly if it’s Whitney Houston.

Dynamically crafted personal invitations to the perfect Trip for you, from your Hosts. We started with some data we scraped from Jonathan’s Facebook page.

• Checked in at 42 Cities: A frequent traveler, so we can reasonably expect he’ll be interested in exploring new places.

gift guide, Belongings

An experience-led branded gift catalog that pairs tangible gifts with incredible experiences

Social, Host Invitations

Grow current Airbnb guests into Trips users through existing connections