Sterling P. Sanders

ABC Family



Creative Direction, Strategy, Insights


ABC Family

ABC Family was looking for new way to promote their new TV show Stichers.  Stichers is about a young woman who is recruited into a secret government agency to be “stitched” into the minds of the recently deceased, using their memories to investigate murders.

ABC Family gave us the script for the Pilot episode about 6 months before it was to be filmed,  they were looking for more edgy concepts and ideas. Below are the ideas we presented. I helped create, design and fully execut each deliverable.

Geo-fenced Social Scrape

In a place like Times Square, we would take over a section of their digital billboard space,  geofence the area with a social scraping algorithm that would then take peoples public photos, twitter posts, and instagram pictures, filter them, and implement them into Stichers Ad spaces, playing on the idea and concept of the show — a person that can go into peoples memories and pull them out after they’ve passed away.

Demi Lavato Video Symbiosis

Demi Lavato and her audience showed to test perfectly for the ABC Family demographic target.  We planned to get her to create the theme song for the new show, in doing so, we would create a music video for her and the would act as the opening of the show.  Leveraging the audiences of each brand would multiply the effect of both the music and the tv show.  The below was is a sample of what we created as a mock-up to show the execution.

The Tuesday Show

Using mobile devices as a second screen we would create a watch along show that would comment on the show with YouTube stars that were inline with the ABC Family demographic target.  Users could cue up the show and have a discussion with these stars, and interact with their commentary as the show was airing.